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  • Who can enroll in PDY/PAY Afterschool Program?
    Students enrolled in Lee County Schools between the grades of Kindergarten-10th are allowed to enroll into the program. We do not currently serve Ascend Leadership Academy or Central Carolina Academy.
  • When will enrollment begin for PDY/PAY Afterschool Program?
    Applications will be available beginning August 14 by 5:00pm. Applications are available online ONLY. Applications CANNOT be filled out on site due to COIVD safety restrictions. >Online applications are submitted and directly sent to Program Administrators.
  • How does PDY/PAY Enrollment process work?
    Our enrollment process is 3 simple steps: 1: Complete the application. 2: Student listed on the application is assigned a start date. (this part of the process can take time) 3. Parents and schools will be notified of the student start date! > Once your child/ren have been accepted into the program and a start date has been assigned, you will be contacted by an Administrative Staff Member. Based on the contact information you provide on your application, you will be invited to join our REMIND Text Messaging Service. Phones call and emails are often used to contact parents if we cannot reach you via text message on REMIND. > PARENTS, DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD/REN TO THE PROGRAM UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY A STAFF MEMBER! Any student that arrives on campus and has not been accepted into the program must return home!
  • If my child is accepted, how will they be transported daily to PDY/PAY?
    Every student that is accepted into PDY/PAY Afterschool Program will be transported to our program daily by a Lee County school bus. Parents and Authorized Persons for pick-up will be responsible for evening transportation. If a child is in need of evening transportation, a van request form is available within the application. Students attending MINA Charter School will be transported to our program daily via van service provided by the program.
  • When will PDY/PAY open for students to attend?
    PDY/PAY opening will begin Monday, September 25, 2023. Parents will be contacted with your child's start date and open house date once your child has been accepted into the program! >Your child will only be allowed to attend beginning the start date that they have been assigned. If you have not received any correspondence from our program, that means your child has not been assigned a start date yet. >DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD/REN TO PDY/PAY IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN CONTACTED BY AN ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF MEMBER!
  • What class will my child attend?
    Our classrooms are divided into 4 groups. > Kindergarten - 1st Graders > 2nd-3rd Graders > 4th-6th Graders > 7th-10th Graders Your child will attend the classroom that matches their current grade level at the time of enrollment.
  • Will transportation be provided for the 2023-2024 school year?
    PDY/PAY will provide transportation to parents/families at their request. Transportation requests can be found in the application. ***Transportation requests will be granted at the discretion of the program. You will be contacted if your child receives a reserved spot.***
  • What are the hours and location of operation?
    PDY/PAY operates Monday - Thursday. We are closed on Fridays. > Office Hours: 10:30am-6:00pm (Administrative staff members are on site during these hours to answer any questions) >Program Hours: 2:30-6:00pm (Program participants are only on site from 2:30-6:00pm) Location: Christian Provision Ministries 2300 Courtland Drive Sanford, NC 27330
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